Carlo Colombo Design 




Elisabeth Floor Lamp features half-spheres shade design of the metal structure. Stunning and elegance this floor lamp is a perfect lighting solution for modern homes. 


Penta 2017 (trascinato).jpg

GLO / 2017

Who said a light has to be just ordinary...These pieces were designed to reflect both the ephemerality of light as well as the functionality. Almost gossamer like in their aura, these pendants convey a dreaminess that can transform any space, that can bring that unbelievable accent to any room, and that can steal the show under just about any circumstances. Multiple layers, textures and shades of glass symbolize the many guises of light itself. Whether hanging above a formal dining table or shining down in a cozy nook, this pendant light was made to embody both art and everyday living. 

GLO 2.jpg